• Karen Parquet

2 Ways To Practice Self-Care For Your Health

I’m sure some of you think forgiveness and self-care are easier said than done. Come with me and let’s discuss ways to help with that and perhaps bring peace to you and quiet your mind.

Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. Katie Reed

Self-care is something we need to practice every day to avoid the pitfalls for this and any other situation. Forgiveness is an act of self-care and self-love that we should practice all the time, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Healthy eating as a way of self-care

Now’s a time we need to be aware of what we’re eating more than ever. I know with me and shopping online through places like Amazon Fresh, or Instacart, or whoever I can get delivery through that day, it’s challenging to get the foods that I usually subsist on just to keep my day-to-day going. Sometimes I have to get creative for my self-care, learning to cook fresh meals and eat things I’ve never eaten before.

It’s doubly hard for me because I’m a vegetarian, and things like tofu and jackfruit seem always to be the first things to be out of stock, so I have to learn to make meals out of things I’m not familiar with. Cooking is self-care for me because I know I’m doing something good for myself health-wise, and in making fresh meals I’m taking care of my body and mind at the same time.

Learning self-care during this time and especially when you’re feeling like emotionally eating or any time (sometimes we convince ourselves that emotional eating is self-care), is also important right now. We’re all stressed and worried about everything going on in the world from the pandemic to job losses, to who will be the next president. I like to take this time to myself in a moment of self-care to remind myself that I’m lucky I have certain things in my life, to sit down and count the many things I have that many other people may not have.

Enjoying moments of self-care with activities

Ways that we can learn self-care, for everyone out there, are to sit down and see what we enjoy doing. If you enjoy cooking, set aside time to cook every evening when you’re done with your day. If you’re a runner, get up early and just run, take in the fresh air, and the silence of the morning or the music or news coming out of your earbuds. Gardening is one thing I enjoy doing for my self-care.

Enjoy moments in your day that take away from the stress and worry, setting your mind at ease and cause your mind to be quiet for a time, even if it’s for a few moments. Practicing this form of self-care is so vital for everyone, especially now. Like my grandmother used to tell me, “If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t take care of others around you.”

Take time for yourself and do self-care regularly. Care for yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. You’ll find your days are easier to get through when you’re not fighting yourself every step of the way and practicing self-care regularly.


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