• Karen Parquet

Ways to Banish the Word Never From Your Mind

Do you use the word never a lot? Are you on the verge all the time of saying things like "I will never do this." Or "I'll never achieve that."? We need to figure out why that is and help you banish that word from your mind.

Never settle and never give up should be the only times that the word never is in your vocabulary. This word has a negative connotation to it that shouldn't be there because it's a word that seriously brings you down when you think about it.

If you think about it, it limits you; it bogs you down, and it keeps you from achieving things that you wish you could do. There are lots of things that we can achieve in our lifetime, and you can do them if you believe that you can and don't bog yourself down with negative thinking. You are enough. There may be some things you may not achieve, but that isn't a failure, that's just a goal that you weren't able to achieve for likely a few reasons that life just got in the way of.

You only fail if you fall and don't get back up. This is something that my grandmother taught me from a young age. She taught me that failure is okay. That you're allowed to make mistakes and that as long as you learn from them, pick yourself back up and move forward, you're not failing, you're succeeding at making a better you. That is what we all need to do in moving forward. It doesn't have to be a bevy of positive, upbeat thinking, and not everyone can do that.

If you're always thinking you're never enough, or that you'll never do something, that you're never doing anything right, then most likely you will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That doesn't say that you will ultimately fail at everything, but you're not helping yourself out. Banish those negative thoughts by sitting down and creating a list of your 'nevers' and seeing how you can turn them around.

"I'll never achieve my goal, it's too hard/big."

In this thinking, someone is worried about how they won't reach that end goal of being something or getting something that they always wanted. A goal that they have in mind that they want to reach. A lot of times, this goal, that they may have made years earlier, changed and morphed into something different. Re-evaluate your goals and make sure they're the same, take the trajectory you have now compared to what you had then and adjust accordingly. We aren't always on a linear path to where we're going.

"I'll never be able to understand that."

This is something that many people think because they have the negative thoughts that they aren't smart enough to do something. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Instead of thinking you'll never be able to understand how astrophysicist works or how to make rocket fuel, think of what you know and how to put that to good use. Make that knowledge yours and own it, become an expert, and rock your audience with that brain of yours.

These are just two of the negative thoughts that many people can have in their minds daily. There are so many more that we expose ourselves to and drag ourselves down with. Make sure you're seeing the positives rather than the negatives in your strengths and weaknesses, own them, and really get to know them. Make a list of your nevers, list beside them instead what will never be done with them, what you could do instead.

You can do this. You are enough, and you are a beacon of light in your own world, and likely in someone else's.


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